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Code of Conduct

Goals and Objectives

The Carnatic Music Association of North America, Inc. (“CMANA”) is committed to providing a safe environment at all its programs and sponsored tours for all individuals involved - musicians, members, rasikas (patrons), organizers and volunteers. There always has been absolutely ZERO tolerance for any form of harassment or misconduct of any kind at CMANA events or on CMANA sponsored tours. We will maintain that zero tolerance policy going forward with increased vigil. As always, all allegations will be treated seriously and promptly investigated .CMANA is prepared to take appropriate disciplinary action as necessary. We will leverage both law enforcement and immigration authorities as required.

Guiding Policies: CMANA's guidelines are developed and guided by N.J.S.A. 2C:33-4, New Jersey's harassment statute.


Any CMANA participant who wishes to report or discuss an issue related to misconduct is encouraged to contact any member of the CMANA Board of Trustees as noted on The Board President can be reached at, and the Secretary may be reached (separately and independently) on

  • CMANA will undertake a thorough investigation and/or refer to an external party based on the nature of the incident

  • All concerns will be taken under the strictest confidence and treated in due regard and will be reported on in confidence

CMANA Participating Artists and Performers

CMANA events must remain at all times a respectful and inclusive environment, with safe and positive options for bystander intervention, inclusive language and avoidance of abusive behaviour or microaggressions. We promote a harassment- and discrimination-free workplace based on United States federal and New Jersey statutes. Any artist participating in or sponsored by CMANA must follow these guidelines at all times.


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