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Login Instructions

Membership login instructions :

Already a CMANA member -  (first time login )

If you are an existing CMANA member and this is the first time you are attempting to login to your account online,
please follow these instructions.

1    Click on Membership -> Member login
2    A page with the userid, password for entry will be displayed.  Below this there are two options
        'Forgot password / userid ?'    ' Already a member first time sign up'
3    Click on 'Already a member first time sign up'
4    This will display a page with the following items for entry. Please key in the details.

        First Name
        Last Name

    Kindly use the zip code used when you became a CMANA member. If you have moved since then,
    you will get the opportunity of changing your address and other information.
5    If your record is found in the database, then a page with the following information for entry will be displayed.
        Email ID
        User Id
        Reconfirm password
        DOB (date of birth )
        Are you a music teacher?  yes / no

        If you are a music teacher then click yes. A list of specialities such as vocal, hindustani, etc.. will be
        shown. Click the boxes that apply. More than one box can be chosen.

        Security question 1
        Answer 1
        Security question 2
        Answer 2
        Security question 3
        Answer 3

        Please enter your email id where you would like to receive your email. Kindly note that CMANA does not
        share your email id with anyone. Please enter a user id and password information for logging into your CMANA
        account. If you are music teacher

        Click Submit. Your account information is now in place and you should be able to login to the CMANA account
        by clicking on Membership->Member login



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