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Speech by Dr. David Reck

CMANA CELEBRATES 35th ANNIVERSARY WITH FESTIVAL   By Dr. David B. Reck, Professor Emeritus, Amherst College, Amherst, Massachusetts     The Carnatic Music Association of North America celebrated its 35th Anniversary with two days of concerts and special events in the New York City suburb of Edison, New Jersey, on 16-17 April 2011.  As a spring storm blew in with twirling clouds and high winds, the festival commenced with an invocative kriti sung beautifully by Shruta and Shreya... Read more
General Articles

    G.N.B.   -   My Idol   Some Personal Glimpses and a Humble Encomium   Dr. P. Rajagopalan   (Dedicated with respect and admiration to the memory of the Genius)     Much has been said and written about the legend that was G.N.B., his life, his personality, his music, his versatility and his achievements in the short span of his life.    So the reader may wonder why I am carrying coal to New Castle by writing another article... Read more

SANGEETHAM - VOLUME 3 – FALL 1983  Launch SANGEETHAM - VOLUME 4 – SPRING 1984  Launch SANGEETHAM - VOLUME 5 – FALL 1987 Launch SANGEETHAM - VOLUME 6 (NO. 1) – WINTER 1988 Launch SANGEETHAM - VOLUME 6 (NO. 2) – SPRING 1988 Launch SANGEETHAM - VOLUME 6 (NO. 3) – SUMMER 1988 Launch... Read more


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